Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The BIG 1!!!

Last Wednesday June 23rd my baby Payson turned 1 years old. I can't believe that it has been a whole year already. To celebrate we had his party last Friday. We went with the monkey theme. First I did the invitations. The idea was totally my own but I did use a card layout. I think they turned out really cute.We started the party off by having dinner which consisted of Spaghetti with homemade sauce, tossed salad, and sourdough bread. It was really good. After that we let Payson open his presents. He got some good stuff, mostly clothes. He wasn't really interested in opening the presents though and he kept crawling away. Landon, Emma, and Reagan helped him out though. I love this picture that I took of Payson and his cousin Trent. Trent was trying to give Payson a kiss and I love the look on Payson's face.After Payson opened his presents it was cake time. We stripped him down to his diaper, brought the high chair down to the family room and set it on a sheet we laid down. It was fun watching Payson. He would dig into the cake and eat and then look over and see me. When he saw me he would hold his arms out and start whimpering a little. I made this monkey cake for him. I found it on Martha Stewarts website. Mine doesn't look as good as hers did, but oh well. It was my first one and even though it has crooked ears I think that gives it character.

I made these cupcakes for everyone else. The idea for these came from here.
I saw this several months ago and knew that I wanted to make them for Payson's birthday and that is probably how the monkey theme came to be.For Party favors I made bean bags and then printed off the bean bag games from here.
I also made mini milk cartons with my Sizzix Big Shot and filled them with skittles.
It was a fun party and I can't believe Payson is the BIG 1!!!


Monica Lifferth said...

It was a very well planned party. Your crafts are always impeccable. I thought the cake was perfect. Good job Em! Happy Birthday Pay Pay!

Smiley Family said...

I LOVE that picture of Payson and Trent - priceless! And the party was a lot of fun, everything was perfect. I especially loved your party favors and I just might have to steal the bean bags and games idea from you for some Christmas gifts this year - too cute!

Than & Lina said...

Everything looks so cute! I can't believe he is one either. I was going to try to come, but Anika was super fussy, I don't like driving with her, Nathaniel's bike got a flat tire and had to take the car... it just wasn't working out for me.

love the invitations said...

love your party invites.
we would so love to feature them on

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

What a fun party! You're cake and cupcakes are darling- I love the nutter butter ears! Thanks for sharing!


Di said...

awesome theme! and i love the handmade invites. what kind of layout did you use? i was hoping to do something like this for my baby's baptism invitation. i really like how unique it is.