Monday, April 13, 2009

Emma's Birthday

Emma's Birthday was on April 2nd and she turned 5 years old! I can't believe that next year I will have 2 kids in school. When Dave got home from work on Emma's birthday we went out to dinner at Chic-fil-A and then we went to the movies and saw Monster's VS. Aliens. What a great movie. We did not see it in 3D, but I kind of wish we had. It was a great movie anyway and if you haven't seen it go! It's worth it!!!

On Friday we had Emma's Birthday party. The theme for this party was "Littlest Pet Shop." It was a lot of fun even though funds were kind of tight. For dinner we had Papa Murphy's Pizza. Then we had a little game for the kids. I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of little stuffed animals. Jamie helped me make up adoption certificates and I numbered all the little animals. I also put numbers in a bowl and the kids drew a number and that was the pet they got to adopt. They named their pets and as the pet shop owner I signed all the certificates. It was fun hearing some of the names that the kids came up with for their pets.

After the pet adoptions Emma opened her presents and she did well. Thanks everyone.
A tape line was put on the floor that the kids could not cross. If they did they wouldn't get cake and ice cream. It worked really well. It also makes it possible for the adults to see the presents because the kids aren't all crowded around. Plus the other kids have a tendency to "help" open the presents.
Then it was time for cake and ice cream. Emma was a little bit shy about blowing out the candles on her cake so Daddy helped her blow them out.

All in All it was a fun party despite me not feeling very well and being very tired. Happy Birthday Emma! We Love You!!!!