Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Emma's 7th Birthday

My daughter Emma turned 7 years old on April 2nd. Every year I have to decide when to have her party because her birthday usually falls on General Conference weekend. This year I decided to have her birthday party the weekend after. That is a long wait for a 7 year old so we had a cupcake decorating party with the cousins on her birthday during the priesthood session. I set up a decorating station by putting different sprinkles in cupcakes liners placed in a tin. I also filled pastry bags with frosting. The kids all had fun decorating their cupcakes and Trent had a little too much fun when the adults weren't watching anymore. The following weekend we had two different parties for Emma. The first one was on Friday afternoon and was with her friends from school. She invited nine girls from her class and then one of her friends from the neighborhood. It was crazy!! One of the girls mom's stayed and helped out. It was nice to have another adult. For this party the girls colored cupcakes on shrinky dinks, played pin the candle on the cupcake, and decorated their own cupcakes. I was very bad at taking pictures at this party! Here are a couple though.Her final party was on Saturday Afternoon. This was the family party. We went with the cupcake them. We started out the party by having the kids color shrinky dinks. Then they also got to decorate aprons and chef hats.For dinner we had Papa John's Pizza and tossed salad. It was good. After dinner the kids played Pin the Candle on the Cupcake and then Emma opened some presents. She got some good things including some DS games, clothes, and some toys.After presents it was time for cake and ice cream. I made a giant cupcake cake and also some cupcake cake pops. Dave had so much fun helping me with the cake pops that it is now his dream to open a bakery. In reality, I thought for sure he was going to overturn the table and cupcake pops were going to go flying everywhere. Notice that Emma changed her clothes in between opening her presents and eating cake. She wanted to wear some of her new clothes.Here are some other pictures of decorations. I made both of the cupcake banners the morning of her party. One party down, 3 more to go!