Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day! Dave took the day off work for his part-time job so we could get some things done. He got the car inspected and registered. We were a few days late, but we usually are. We also got some cleaning done, although not as much as we would have liked. Our stake is having a DI drive on Tuesday and I still need to clean out my closet and decide what to donate.

Also yesterday we were invited to Dave's grandma's apartment for dinner. She recently got remarried and her name is Grandma Koerfgen. Her husband Hans is a convert to the church and years ago he was a pilot. Hans would fly from Germany to Africa every single day to fly his passenger to work. Then he would fly him back to Germany. A 10 hour flight each way. Who was this passenger? It was Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Hans of course was not a member of the church at the time and Elder Uchtdorf was. They had many conversations about the church on these long flights. However it wasn't until years later that Hans was baptized. When Grandma and Hans were sealed in the Temple a few months ago, Elder Uchtdorf was the one who sealed them. We sure had a fun visit with them. It is really fascinating to hear all of the stories from Hans.

While we were there Grandma Koerfgen gave Landon and Emma crayons, coloring books, sticker books, and paper to color and draw with. They both had a lot of fun coloring and playing with the sticker books. Landon drew a picture and showed it to Grandma Koerfgen and she said to him "You are going to be a very good artist someday" to which Landon responded "I already am." I realized about halfway through dinner that I should have brought my camera. I didn't get any pictures of them, but here is a picture of Landon's drawing from last night.
Last time I went grocery shopping I bought these Little Debbbie Valentines cakes. Yesterday afternoon for a little snack I gave each of the kids one. Reagan sure had fun with hers. I think she was reliving her first birthday. Here is a picture I took of that.

Also Yesterday at Grandma Koerfgen's we had those Lofthouse Sugar cookies. I gave one to Reagan and she had fun eating that. She got frosting on her thumb and was trying to shake it off. I told her to just lick it off so she stuck her thumb in her mouth and kept it there for a few minutes then took it out and the frosting was off her thumb.

When we got back last night I put the kids down for bed and Dave went to Coldstone to get us some ice cream. When he got back we watched the movie "The Nanny Diaries." I read this book a couple of years ago for book club and thought it was pretty good. The movie I thought was also pretty good. I really enjoyed it. It was also nice to relax after a busy day!


Princess said...

That is a great story! Very cool! I have read Nanny Diaries but have not seen the movie yet. Now I want to go to Coldstones!

All About M.E.('s) said...
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whitney said...

Ooo, I've been wanting to see that movie! I've read the book to, so I'm definitely going to have to see it. Reagan is just beautiful w/her big, pretty eyes. So cute!

em said...

I wish we could have that productive of a day. Wanna come cross some things off our to do list?

Nathan and Esther said...

It sounds like you guys had a fun day! It's always nice to get the things that you need to done. It's also fun to relax!