Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Getaway and a Getting to Know you Again

"Weekends are a lot like rainbows, they look good from a distance but dissapear when you get up close to them."--John Shirley

This last weekend Dave and I were able to go on a little weekend getaway without the kids. Dave works with a plumber at Home Depot and he has a cabin in Kamas. We were able to go there for the weekend. It was so nice to get away from it all and just relax. Friday night we went into Park City. We went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company and got a Caramel Apple then we went to a restaurant. We looked at a menu before we sat down. When they seated us we got another menu. We then realized that we must have been looking at the lunch menu before as the prices were double. So we left and ended up going to Nacho Mama's. It was good. We also went and bought some groceries for the next day.

Saturday we hung out at the cabin all day long. I watched LOST on DVD and finished the first season. Now I am patiently waiting for season 2. That night we went to Heber and went to Dairy Keen for Dinner. On Sunday we woke up and packed up. We were going to go to church at noon and just do Sacrament Meeting but when we got to the chuch we found out that Sacrament Meeting was last and so we just came home. We did read a conference talk to get in some religion. Even though it was good to have a break from the kids it was good to see them again. We got to my parents house before they got home from church and we were there when they came home. It was a nice break! Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids. Also I took my camera but didn't take any pictures.

Now for the getting to know you. I came across this on another blog and I thought it was cute.
Name: Emily Marie Lifferth Lund
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Height: 5' 3"
How many and what kinds of pets do you have? at the moment we have no pets. We may try a fish again soon.
What is your job? I am a Stay at Home Mom. I am also a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and a Scentsy Consultant.
What is your Dream Job? Speech Pathologist
Who is your Best Friend? My Husband, Dave
What instruments do you play? Piano, although I am a little rusty, I don't play it very often.
What are your hobbies? Reading, Making Cards, Embroidery
What are your goals? To get out of debt
Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump? Heck No!
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read? I like to read fiction books and also I love mysteries/suspense. I also read Parents and Parenting magazine and Paper Crafts Magazine and the Ensign.
How would you describe yourself? I am kind of shy, but once I get to know someone I am more outgoing. I am dependable and a good listener.
What's a topic you wish you knew more about? Organization. I would like to have a more organized house.
What do you daydream about? What I will do when I am rich.
List 3 things you would change about yourself. My weight--I want to get back to where I was when I got married, My eyes--I want to get Laser eye surgery and not have to wear contacts anymore. Learning how to stay organized in all areas.

Shy or Outgoing? both. I know it is either or, but refer to above
Spender or Saver? Spender. I am a terrible saver. There is always something I want
Truth or Dare? Truth
Books or Movies? Books. Especially books that go to movies. Books are usually better
Romantic Comedy or Action/Adventure? Romantic Comedy
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Mountain or Beach? Mountains
Sweet or Salty? Again I know it's an Either/Or but I like both. A new combo I tried and liked was putting my milk duds in my popcorn at the movies. It was delicious!!!

Do you...
Get Annoyed Easily? Yes
Like to Travel? Yes. but it is always nice to come home
Like to drive fast? Sometimes
Sing Well? No
Have a Talent? Yes. making cards
Watch Scary Movies? Heck No!!
Shave your legs everyday? No. Although I do shave them more often during Capri weather
Floss regularly? Yes, every night before bed
Get Motiong Sickness? Sometimes

Have you ever...
Performed on Stage? If you count singing with the concert choir in High School then yes. If not, then no
Been out of the country? Where? yes. I have been to Canada and Mexico
Had any body hair waxed? Yes. I get my eyebrows waxed all the time
Lied about your age? No
Used a fake ID? No
Gotten a Speeding ticket? Yes. I think I have gotten 2

What is...
The last CD you bought? Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood
The last movie you saw in the Theater? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The last Movie you rented? The Great Debaters. Still have not watched it
Your Greatest Fear? Heights
Your Greatest Strength? Unconditional Love
Your Greatest Weakness? Chocolate
Your Happiest Memory? Getting married and the birth of each of my kids

Your Favorite...
Movie: The Princess Bride and The Harry Potter Movies
TV Show: Friends, ER, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy
Actor: Harrison Ford
Actress: Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock
Food: Italian
Drink: Diet Coke with Lime
Color: Pink, Purple, and Green
Scent: Coffee
Season and WHY: Summer. I like to wear my capris and summer clothes. I like the BBQ's and family get togethers
Day of the Week and WHY: Friday, because it is Date Night
Store: Roberts Crafts, Old Navy
Quote: I really like this one that I came across the other day in a book I am reading "I believe in the sun even when it's not shining, I believe in love even when I feel it not, I believe in God even when he is silent."

What do you Think About....
Heaven: Life's Ultimate Retirement
Hell: Misery
Miracles: They are all around us we just have to open our eyes to see them
Astrology: I wish I knew more
War: Sometimes necessary but it's evil
Ghosts: I believe in them
Reincarnation: Don't believe in that
Karma: I believe in it
Luck: Some people have more luck than others
Aliens: Don't belive in them

Tell us one of your most embarrasing moments: ok. So back when I was single I was going to a Singles ward. For one of our Family Home Evenings we went to Cascade Springs. I was riding in the front seat of Dave Richardson's car. My friend from Australia, Tennille was in the Back Seat and another guy was back there also. Dave was driving like a maniac. We made it up to the springs and we walked around. On the way back down, he didn't do much better. We had to pull over a couple of times so I could throw up. However, the third time I did not make it out of his car and I threw up. It was so embarrassing.

Sorry for the long blog entry but hopefully you learned something new about me!


Smiley Family said...

Holy Cow, that was one long tag!! Too bad you didn't take any pics of your weekend - you could have used them to digital scrapbook! But I am glad you had a good time :)

Sandy said...

Ahhh... Rocky Mountain Chocolate... I'm now drooling.

Becca said...

Sounds like a fun getaway. I love that area.

whitney said...

How fun for you to get away with your hubby! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Lol at you leaving the pricey restaurant-that's sooo something Spence and I would do.

Love the getting to know you thing-it's different than most. I'm actually going to steal it if you don't mind. I'm desperate for new post material and my life is extrodinarily boring.