Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Son: The Author/Illustrator

A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning Landon's bedroom and I came across a little book. It was made by him and was not something he did at school. It was just something that he did on his own. I read it and I thought it was really cute and knew right then that it was something that I was going to be blogging. So here is the story. I will show the pictures and then translate. I think I know what they all say except for one of them. Anyway here it goes!!!

Title Page Translation: The Mermaid. Pretty self-explanatory.
Translation: "Mermaids like to Splash"
Translation: This is the one I am not too sure of. I think it says something about "Mermaids like to something in the water." If anyone has any ideas let me know. I just asked Landon what it said and he said: "Mermaids like to Jump out of the water."
Translation: "Mermaids like to swim."
Translation: "Mermaids like to fall in love."
Translation: "Mermaids like to Sleep."
Translation: "Mermaids like to Kiss."

Translation: "Mermaids like to get Married."

Maybe he will be a great Children's book Author and Illustrator someday!!!


Jamie said...

Cute story. What a smart kiddo you got there!!!

Zachary said...

That is seriously cool. I hope he keeps his passion for that and wants to do it...even when he doesn't have to!

Sandy said...

Oh crap, I might be a mermaid. I'm glad your boy wrote such an informative book.

Smiley Family said...

That is hilarious! (In a very good way) I just love that little boy and I think it is impressive that he wrote a whole book on his own! That is definitely a keeper, it will be so fun to show him in 20 years. Such great illustrations.

All About M.E.('s) said...

He ceases to amaze me! He is such a good little artist. That is the cutest thing that I have seen in a long time.

whitney said...

That's great! It sounds like he's a bit of a romantic ;)

Lina Hardman said...

We think the kikes one was something about kicking. This is remarkable - real genius. -Nathaniel and Lina