Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Landon Turns 9

I figured that I should blog about Landon's birthday before it came time to blog about Reagan's birthday.  This year Landon got to have a party with his friends.  This party was on a Saturday and was the day before his birthday.  We decided to do an Art party since Landon is a good artist.  He loves to draw pictures.  Anyway, for his party he suggested making sock puppets.  That sounded like a really fun idea.  And it was really easy.  I just bought a couple packages of sock, some yarn, felt, and pom poms.  We made the hair and the kids did everything else.  They were pretty cool.

For his friend party we also ate a lunch of Little Ceasars Pizza.  We ordered 2 pizzas and probably could have ordered 3 pizzas.  Those growing boys sure do eat a lot!!  Landon opened his presents and then they played outside for a little bit.  After they were done playing they were ready for cupcakes and ice cream.  Then the party was over and it was clean up time.

The following Monday (the day after his birthday), we had a family party.  For this party we served dinner and had one of Landon's favorite foods Hawaiian Haystacks.  After dinner we once again made sock puppets.

After the kids made their sock puppets it was time to for Landon to open his presents.  He got some good things, a lot of new clothes.  

For dessert we had another of Landon's favorite foods--Cheesecake!!  Instead of a big cheesecake I made little mini cheesecakes with a recipe found in Our Best Bites cookbook.  They were delicious!!

It was a fun couple of parties and in a couple of weeks I get to do it again with Reagan.  At least after that I will have a 6 month break until I have to plan the next party.