Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Enrichment Night

Tonight we had Relief Society Enrichment. For our Enrichment night we decorated journals and flipcharts that are going to used to reach a Relief Society goal to read the Book of Mormon in 40 weeks. I started it there and then I came home to finish it so I could use some of my own stuff. For Christmas I got a Cricut from Dave and I was able to use it for the first time to cut my flowers out. It was a lot of fun. I think I am going to have a really fun time with that machine. After I was finished with it I took pictures so that people could see the finished product. There were some people at the Enrichment that said to me "I want to see yours when it is finished, I'm sure it will be cute!" So for those of you who are interested here is the finished product.

Next week I will be starting the program. Every week it has an assigned Scripture reading and then scriptures to ponder. We can also record any feelings we have or insights in our journal. I am excited!

Does anyone know how to rotate photos to put on your blog? I had a different picture I was going to use but couldn't figure out how to rotate it. I'm still trying to figure out the in's and out's of Blogging.


Erica said...

See! Why doesn't my ward do fun stuff like this...sheesh! I'm jealous.

Smiley Family said...

Your projects look cute, but your background is throwing me off a bit. Good luck with the 40 week challenge. And, you have to rotate your pics before you download them onto your blog.

Nathan and Esther said...

Those journals are so cute! Good luck with the challenge!

whitney said...

Ooo, I'm jealous to-that journal is so darn cute! I absolutely LOVE your card in the previous post. You're so creative!