Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Neigh's Extreme Makeover

You may recall that a few months ago I did a post about Landon's beloved stuffed animal Neigh. About a month or so ago Neigh went through an Extreme Makeover. Here are the before and after pictures.




Smiley Family said...

You really don't get the full effect with the photos - you had to see it in person to really know how extreme the makeover was! Glad to see neigh put on some weight!!

whitney said...

So...how exactly did you make the poor horse over? We have some much-loved toys at our house and I'd love some tips!

The Lund Five said...

My mom actually did it. She just put some more stuffing in him and sewed him back up.

The Wright's said...

How cute! I've been neglecting my blog stalking. Happy Birthday to Landon - Glad Emma loves the bus and sorry about Reagan's chin. It's busy at the Lund house! (Great party, like always!)