Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hometown Favorites

Today's T-T-A is to tell about your Hometown Favorites.
Favorite place to:

  • Grab Lunch: I don't have a car during the day but when I did I liked to take my kids to McDonalds or Arctic Circle or Burger King for lunch. I liked it because they have a playland that the kids can play on.
  • Go for Date Night: Most of the time our date nights consist of ordering out from a restaurant and watching a movie at home after the kids are asleep. But my favorite place to go is The Olive Garden. We only make it there about 2 times a year and one of those is our Anniversary which is coming up this Saturday! So we get to go to The Olive Garden. I am so excited to get my Chicken Parmesan!!
  • Pick up Some Creative Goodies: My favorite place to get creative goodies is Stampin' Up! It doesn't help that I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator because it makes it very easy to get online and place an order. I also like to get stuff at Robert's Crafts, Hobby Lobby, and PineNeedles.
  • Keep the Kids Busy: Once again I do not have a car during the day so my kids will play at the playground just outside our townhouse or they will go to friends houses. I have a list of things I would like to do this summer so hopefully we will get another car soon!
  • Get Wet: Down the street from where I live they have a little splash park. That is a lot of fun. We have also been to the Kearns Oquirrh Park Swimming Pool. That is a lot of fun because they have play equipment and a lot of other fun stuff!
  • Buy a Treat: One of my favorite places that I don't get to often is Rocky Mountain Candy Company. They are opening one closer to where I live. I love the different caramel apples that they have. They are so Yummy!! I also recently tried the new Frosty Shakers at Wendy's and they are very good!
  • Shop for Fun: I don't get there very often but I love to shop at the outlet stores in Park City. I also like to go to all the little stores at Gardner Village!
  • Get some Fresh air: I love to get to the mountains. I am excited for the warmer weather so I can go hiking with my husband and kids.
  • Splurge: I think that would also have to be Stampin' Up! and any other Scrapbook or craft store!
  • Drive for a weekend away: It is usually only a Friday night get away, but we love to drive to Heber and eat dinner at Dairy Keen. It is so good. We go there about once every 2 or 3 months. Next time we go will probably be Memorial Day Weekend and see Thomas the Train. We can't afford to ride the train but the kids love to go and see it!


Smiley Family said...

I can't wait to go the splash park again! We are going to have to go several times. It is so fun for the kids and I love it because I don't have to get in a swimsuit!! I think one of these years you should save your pennies and actually take your kids on Thomas the Train ;)

The Carter Family: said...

Mmm, I really want to go to Olive Garden on our anniversary too! We won't be celebrating it this weekend however, we will be waiting until next weekend. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

All About M.E.('s) said...

Happy upcoming anniversary! I'm excited for summer. We'll have to do lots of fun things-splash park included.
For some reason my google reader is not working for your blog. It hasn't shown any updates for your blog, so when I actually came to your blog, there were three that I hadn't read yet.
Thanks for posting 'A special request'. I knew that you got hit by a car on your mission, but I don't think I knew the details. Very interesting. That's crazy that you rode the bus to the hospital. Did the guy that hit you stick around?

The Lund Five said...

He stuck around for a little bit. I also did get a little bit of insurance money from the other guy's insurance company.

Larsen 4 said...

I really like reading your T-T-A's. I am thinking the next time all the friends get together we should go to Heber. Give us more time to TALK, TALK, TALK!!

The Lund Five said...

That is a great idea Steph! I really love going to Heber.