Tuesday, April 15, 2008

T-T-A Tuesday Tell All

I recently discovered a blog thanks to Monica's sister Erica called Tuesday Tell All. Every Friday they post a question and then on Tuesday you post your answer to that question. You can be put on their list also. Anyway today's question is:
For what activity would you want professional lessons?
I couldn't just think of one thing I though of three. The first one is because I am a big fan of "Dancing with the Stars" although this season I haven't seen a whole lot of it. I would love to learn how to ballroom dance. I really think it would be fun to take lessons from a professional and learn that form of dancing.
ballroom dancing
The second activity I would like professional lessons for would be country dancing. I do know some line dances and I kind of know the swing but I would love to take lessons so that I could be better. I love country dancing. I think it is so much fun.
Line dancing and live country music...my favoritest things to do.
The last thing I would love professional lessons for I don't know if it is really considered an activity but thought I would put it in anyway. That is learning to play the harp. I love the harp and I love it when I hear it being played. I think that it is very beautiful. One of my dreams for the last several years is to learn how to play the harp. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to afford one and then I can start taking lessons.
Anyway that's it. I will be doing this every week so watch for the new posts on Tuesday and I will post other things on other days!


Princess said...

That sounds like a great idea for blogging and I look forward to your answers! Such a good way to learn about people! I would want guitar lessons or french lessons.

All About M.E.('s) said...

The ballroom dancing and the country dancing don't really surprise me, but I had no idea that you wanted to learn to play the harp. Very cool. Hopefully one day your dream will come true. However, with a talent like that you'll probably end up playing the harp for family night every single Sunday!